Let's Make a Lasting impact Together.

 We are a community that explores what it means to do business purposefully and profitably, while intentionally creating positive change in your sphere of influence.

Social Entrepreneurs, change Catalysts, world shakers, community builders, and history makers - This is your place!

If you want to make a difference in the world and leave a sustainable, positive impact on your community, your planet, and your economy, let’s connect! Join the journey, and together we can leverage our skills and truly be impactful.

Our Why

Founded by Rebekah Roberts, Impactful was created to be a space where like-minded people learn, develop, and celebrate their collaborative momentum towards impactful business for people and the planet.

She wants to help you grow and develop your business as a solution to this world’s most complex social and environmental problems. It is possible to be profitable and bring about lasting change. Her vision is to help teams excel at what they do and further their impact by providing tools and resources, comprehensive action plans, cutting-edge information, research-based models, and innovative approaches to empower and equip.