Impactful Entrepreneurship: Where to start.

Hello there,

Welcome to Impactful. I am so happy you are here and willing to join a community of like-minded history makers and world shakers! I wanted my first blog post to share a little bit about this platform I have created and the reason behind it all.

If you look outside your window or watch the news today, I am sure you are all too aware of the degeneration and chaos we all live in. There has to be a solution! There has to be a way that people can come together and create a lasting, positive impact! And there is. It requires entrepreneurial action.

You can achieve change through intentional, creative, and real business solutions to bring about social and environmental transformation in your sphere of influence.

If you have been aggravated by the lack of initiative to solve a specific community or environmental problem with an answer that actually makes a difference, you are in the right place. My passion is to share with you profitable and realistic approaches, technology, models, resources, materials, techniques, tips, and tricks (you name it) to help you and your business succeed at truly making our world a better place.

So, where do you start?

Well… here are 3 things you can do

Begin A Needs Assessment.

Know who your target audience is and research to gain a better understanding of the people and the ecosystem you wish to reform and impact. Take a look at the problem you face and dive deep into assessing the condition of the situation. What resources will this require? How will you know if you’ve made a sustainable difference?

*Remember this is not an “I know best” and force your ideas opportunity – lasting work requires empowerment and collaboration.

Establish Your Objectives.

Start by writing down what you wish to achieve from launching solutions through business to create constructive development. How will you measure your impact?

Draft Solutions.

Here comes the fun part! Let your thoughts run wild as you dream up unrestrained responses to the dire needs and complex problems you see. If money was limitless and you didn’t face abundant challenges, what would you do? 

Let’s build life, peace, opportunities, hope, and most of all… a lasting, positive impact together.

Now go change the world!

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