Welcome, Impact Citizens!

There are needs everywhere and action is vital to see any change. We can donate goods and provide aid, but many times these are short-term solutions. Impactful is all about lasting transformation brought about by intentional empowerment through excellent business solutions. We are passionate about helping business professionals create an impact the equips their community, minimizes environmental harm, and yields significant finanical returns.

We look forward to connecting with you!

About Me

Creating Positive Sustianable Impact

Born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe and with extensive international travel, I quickly learned that I needed to create change through business to impact the globe. Excellent education opportunities allowed me to see the gaping hole traditional business leaves in its wake. I am passionate about creative business strategy and organizational excellence to develop innovative solutions, global social impact, and sustainable, purposeful business approaches.

Immersed in a pursuit of growth and professional development that would equip me to bring the best to the table, I joined global organizations and worked with non-profits and start-up social enterprises. My work continues to realize the goal of shifting mindsets to the fight for inclusive community development and corporate social responsibility. I seek to develop strategic and technological skills to help build something that matters and gives way to life and creativity. My mission is to join with like-minded changemakers and pioneers to shape history. 


 To provide tools and resources, comprehensive action plans, cutting-edge information, research-based models, and innovative approaches to empower and equip Impact Citizens.


 To connect and develop a community of business professionals seeking to make a difference to positively affect their communities, ecosystems, and profitability.